The Missouri Review welcomes submissions to our newly re-mastered Miller Audio Prize for 2021, which accepts audio entries year-round! We are always open for regular submissions of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry at our submission manager.

This year, the Miller Audio Prize will open September 15, and stay open year-round. Finalists will be selected throughout the year, with winners chosen from that echelon of talent. It will be the same great highlight of literary audio projects from artists all over the world, but finalists in this new model will each be featured on a new Missouri Review podcast.

Submissions to the Miller Audio Prize will be evaluated and selected to be “published” in the Missouri Review’s brand-new Miller Aud-Cast Podcast. One audio project from each of our four genres (poetry, prose, humor, and audio documentary) will be featured in the podcast every month, with new podcasts dropping every Tuesday. At the end of the year, one of the selected features in each genre from the Miller Aud-Cast will be awarded the Miller Audio Prize of $1000 and have their work featured on our website and promoted across our social media channels.

Previously published entries are allowed, accepted, and encouraged, as are unpublished works of audio talent. We are looking for audio greatness in prose, poetry, audio documentary and humor – we’d be as equally stoked to re-recognize some audio awesomeness happening in the world as we would to be the first to crank it to 11.

Finalists will be notified on a rolling basis and Winners will be announced in February 2022.

Entry Fee: $16, $24, or $30*. You choose what you pay. Your entry fee includes a one-year digital subscription to the Missouri Review, which normally costs $24.
Length: All entries must be 15 minutes or shorter.
Eligibility: Previous first-place winners in a category are not eligible to win again. Multiple entries must be accompanied by a separate fee for each. Previously published or aired pieces are acceptable as long as you, the entrant, hold the rights. Submitters may be featured once in each category per contest year.

 **Select entries will be considered for our Access for Artists Fellowships, recipients of which will have their entry fees waived and will be guaranteed editorial feedback on their submission, regardless of their piece being selected as a finalists. If you are interested in the Access for Artists Fellowship, please write to us at

 Submit an original poem or collection of poems as a single audio file. Entries may be solely author-read or contain other voices, sounds, or music.
 Submit a short story or piece of creative nonfiction. Entries may be solely author-read or contain other voices, sounds, or music.
 Submit your funniest poem, story, or piece of creative nonfiction. Entries may be solely author-read or contain other voices, sounds, or music.
Audio Documentary
 Submit an audio documentary on any subject. Documentaries can be presented in a variety of forms including narrative, interview, or documentary play.
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